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At Anchor

Little Whee stuck on a sand bar

Here I am, me, Little Whee, stuck on a sand bar! Drat! The little turtle next to me will soon rescue me and we will become best of friends. Read all about me in a new story for kids and big kids alike.

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For more on me click.Sail On, Little Whee

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Welcome to - Hi. My name is Robert (Bob) Buckner. I work and live the life of an artist. The material within this site is the doings of me, unless otherwise noted. Please click through the pages as you will. I will be adding to this site and growing it in the weeks and months ahead as I am able. Meanwhile I wanted to get the site up so my new children's book Sail On, Little Whee will keep sailing on and in the imaginations and hearts of its readers. I do hope you enjoy

A gift of the Season from me to you...a winter scene as I envision it to be with cedars and snowmen in the Ross Creek Giant Cedars Natural Area of Libby, Montana. The four snowmen are the shepherds or "Guardians of the trees."

Shepers of the trees


Beautiful Red Cedars

October of 2014 I visited a place I had never been before....

I wandered in the coolness and shadow of the old growth grove of these majestic red cedars. Many of the trees stood more than 175 feet tall and are more than 500 years old. Click on the tree image to explore selected photos and a poem I penned upon reflection of a visit among one precious old growth grove of red cedar trees


Roos Creek Cedars